Replica 1892 Old West Rifle with Shells (X-Series)


This replica rifle is 38 inches in length and is a reproduction of the 1892 Old West rifle, which was known for its classic design and reliability throughout history. This non-firing replica is constructed of metal and a specially treated resin that has the appearance and texture of real wood. The dimensions and weight of this replica rifle are very similar to the original.

The replica X Series 1892 western replica rifle stands out from other options available today. Crafted with attention to detail, the Kolser X Series features a loadable chamber and a shell ejection system that closely simulates the action of the real firearm. This provides an authentic experience that is unlike most other replica rifles. The included dummy shells, specifically designed for the X Series rifles, enhance the authenticity of the firearm. Experience the charm of the Old West with this exceptional replica X Series 1892 Western rifle.

This stunning replica comes in three finishes: black, brass, and gray.

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