Non-Firing 1873 .45 Caliber Single Action Revolver


Step back in time to the days of the Old West with this non-firing 1873 .45 caliber single action revolver. This old west replica is a faithful rendition of the iconic Peacemaker firearm, complete with a cylinder and hammer. Its working action offers a realistic feel, enhancing its appeal for collectors and re-enactors alike.

Crafted from quality materials, the revolver features an authentic design that’s perfect for display in a home or office. This non-firing 1873 .45 caliber single action revolver is a stunning piece of history that allows you to safely and confidently display a part of America’s rich firearms heritage. This incredible piece comes in four different finishes, and two different grips! Add this striking piece to your collection today and immerse yourself in the rugged charm of guns from the Old West.

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