Replica 1892 Old West Rifle (32″)


Our replica 1892 Old West lever-action rifle captures the spirit of America’s frontier history. With its widespread use from the 1860s onwards, this iconic rifle has found its way into millions of homes and onto the big screen, held by legendary actors like John Wayne and Chuck Connors. It’s a symbol of the Western heritage and a storied piece of firearm history.

Kolser Replica: 1892 Old West Rifle

Crafted by Kolser, this replica rifle is the epitome of meticulous workmanship. This non-firing prop gun is highly realistic and is crafted to the highest standards. This replica rifle is 32 inches in length and features a fully functional lever action, a metal barrel, and a stock constructed from high-density resin.

This rifle comes in three finishes. Whether you’re a fan of old school firearms, a collector of Western gun replicas, or simply an admirer of movie prop guns, this rifle will make a perfect addition to your collection.

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