Pre-1896 Thunderer Revolver


Introducing the pre-1896 model “Thunderer,” a single-action non-firing replica that embodies old-world craftsmanship at its finest. Made by Kolser, renowned for their top-quality replica firearms, this piece echoes the distinctive beauty and heft of the original.

Constructed from the zinc alloy Zamak and a black birdshead grip made from ultra-resistant resin, this “Thunderer” offers a sense of realism. Its rotating barrel, re-loadable chamber, and the classic Kolser working action further enhance its authenticity, making it a great addition to any gun enthusiast’s collection.

This replica doesn’t just recreate the appearance of the original firearm; it evokes the spirit of the era when such guns were the mainstay. With its traditional design, this pre-1896 model “Thunderer” stands as a symbol of a time when firearms were as much about craftsmanship and artistry as they were about function. Step back in time and experience the most realistic non-firing replicas on the market today.

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