Non-Firing Replica 18th Century German Flintlock Pistol


The iconic 18th century German flintlock pistol is now immortalized with this meticulously crafted non-firing replica by Kolser. A product of innovative design and skilled craftsmanship, this pistol features a faux wooden stock and metal barrel and lock plate for an authentic, antique look.

The intricate design of the flintlock mechanism is faithfully reproduced, giving you a unique insight into the engineering of the era. Whether you are a seasoned collector, participating in a reenactment, or need a historically accurate prop for a theatrical performance, our flintlock replicas fis the bill.

This non-firing replica 18th century German flintlock pistol is not only a reflection of a bygone era, but also a piece of art. It’s a perfect conversation starter and a testament to historic firearms. Elevate your collection or decor with this stunning piece.

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