Non-Firing Replica 18th Century Dagger Pistol


Immerse yourself in history with this non-firing replica French 18th century dagger pistol. This stunning replica accurately captures the intricate details of the period, blending the defensive functionality of a dagger with the symbolic prestige of a pistol.

This weapon was also commonly used by pirates as a flintlock pistol or as a dagger. This was due to the fact that flintlocks of that period took a long time to reload after firing. The trigger and hammer under the muzzle go up 1/3 of the blade length. This replica’s hilt is made of high-quality resin and its blade is made of Zamak.

While it may not fire any bullets or cut any cloth, this 18th century dagger pistol replica is still a wonderful piece of art. Perfect for collectors with a penchant for the unique, this replica will surely serve as a centerpiece for any historic weapon or firearm collection. Own this piece of history today and celebrate the elegance and ingenuity of a bygone era.

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