Non-Firing Replica 1854 Volcanic Revolver


This engraved brass non-firing replica 1854 Volcanic pistol is a breathtaking piece that radiates the charm and history of the Old West. The attention to detail and the high-quality craftsmanship will surely impress any gun enthusiast or collector.

Constructed from durable Zamak, this revolver boasts detailed engravings on the barrel and frame. The working loading lever and trigger add to the realistic appearance and feel of the piece, making it an even more desirable item for those interested in historical firearms.

Despite its authentic appearance, this old west revolver is non-firing and completely safe to handle, making it ideal for display, historical reenactments, or for use as a prop in film or theater. This intricately engraved replica 1854 Volcanic Revolver is more than just a collector’s item – it represents a piece of history.

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