Non-Firing 1873 .45 Caliber Short Revolver


Step into the boots of an Old West gunslinger with this non-firing 1873 .45 caliber short revolver. Authentically styled after the iconic weapons of the frontier era, this replica features a metal barrel and a faux wooden handle, designed to look and feel just like real wood.

This replica gun not only looks the part but offers a true-to-life experience with its functioning hammer, trigger, and cylinder, immersing you in the storied past of the Wild West. Its realistic weight further enhances the experience, making this replica feel like an actual .45 caliber revolver of yesteryears.

45 Caliber Revolver Replica For Collections, Costumes, and Reenactments

Showcasing an air of rugged charm and historical authenticity, this old west revolver replica is perfect for display or as a prop for costumes and reenactments and comes in four finishes. Capture a piece of the Wild West’s adventurous spirit and add this classic revolver to your collection today!

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