Napoleonic Flintlock Pistol


This late 16th early 17th century flintlock is modeled after pistols that Napoleon carried. Designed and manufactured by Kolser, keeping the characteristics of the originals, this flintlock is a masterpiece.

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In stock

17th Century Napoleonic Flintlock Pistol

This late 16th or early 17th Century Flintlock is modeled after the cavalry flintlocks that Napoleon and his army carried. These flintlock pistols were primarily self-defense weapons and surprisingly used well into the mid-19th century. Flintlock pistols frequently accompanied a sword or knife; these pistols had a short range. Reloading them was very slow, so most soldiers used them as a “one shot” flintlock.

Napoleonic flintlock pistols typically use flint or flint stone, which, when the hammer strikes it upon the pull of the trigger, the spark ignites the gunpowder. The ammunition inserted through the flintlock’s barrel consisted of gunpowder, a projectile, and a wad of paper, which served as a stopper to keep the previous two compressed inside the cannon.

After the Battle of Waterloo, Allied troops looted Napoleon’s baggage train, and the treasures they found, including flintlock pistols such as these, were taken by Dutch soldiers. Much of that treasure is now on display at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

This piece is designed and manufactured by Kolser Replicas. Kolser is known worldwide for producing some of the most accurate reproductions on the market. Kolser’s attention to detail, meticulous manufacturing, and quality materials are the reason they stand above the rest. Trigger Replicas is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Kolser Replicas in the United States. Shop Trigger today for all of your replica, accessory, and medieval and colonial home decor items

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